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Trailer Time: “Wolves”

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope the day has turned out spooky and great!  In honor of the holiday, I wanted to present a trailer for a film that is a good fit for today:  “Wolves.”  Directed and written by filmmaker David Hayter, screenwriter of such films as “X-Men,” “X2: X-Men United,” and “Watchmen” (but best known for voicing Solid Snake in the “Metal Gear Solid” games), this marks his first time behind the camera lens for a full-length film.  When a high school student, played by Lucas Till, thinks he killed his parents after he transforms into a werewolf, he goes on the run and finds himself in a town full of werewolves where a power struggle happens with the head of the pack, played by Jason Momoa.

It’s werewolf Havok versus werewolf Aquaman!  I had the pleasure of seeing this film at its United States premiere in New York City during New York Comic Con and also meeting David Hayter.

While not the scariest film in the world or the best, it is definitely unique, fun, and full of bloody action which I think you can see pretty well in the trailer.  The film is currently on VOD, so if interested it is available to watch right now.  What are your thoughts about “Wolves” after watching the trailer?  “Trailer Time” is back on Monday so keep it here to “Caffeine Crew!”


AMV Roundup! Silent Hill-Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Happy Halloween everybody! To celebrate, I went with Silent Hill today, although I’m too much of a wuss to have ever played the games. Even without playing the game, this GMV is super creepy, and the song choice, thankfully was the equally creepy cover to the hit, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This. The crackly filter is used throughout, but I thought it added to the video, particularly because the Silent Hill games are older and gave it a VHS tape quality. Definitely a good video, and one that I hope you enjoy this Halloween day in between spurts of horror movies, trick or treaters, and Halloween shindigs.

Happy Hauntings!

Awesome Cosplay of the Day Banner

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 10/31/14

So I asked myself, “What cosplay is going to best exemplify Halloween?” and I realized there was only one answer.  The Nightmare Before Christmas. This particular cosplay of Jack and Sally was on a list entitled 20 Cosplays So Awesome It Makes You Wonder Why You Try, and yeah…even besides the one below, I feel my cosplay-fu is so far from what’s portrayed here that I might as well be living in another universe. If these people are not in the professional costuming business, the professional costuming business is sorely lacking.

Happy Halloween!


Black Forest

Black Forest – Board Game Reivew

In the spirit of Halloween, I’d like to share with you my favorite board game that doesn’t exist yet. The game is currently titled Black Forest. It’s an underfunded Kickstarter game that has since been available as a Print and Play. The game designer Jack Reda has been updating and touring with the game to relaunch the promotion.

A town of villagers suddenly fall victim to the attacks of a werewolf. The villagers cooperate in maintaining the harvest and trade to survive the harsh seasons. Players take the role of the villagers, and one of the players plays the role of a villager that is also secretly a werewolf. The werewolf is attempting to kill off the villagers without drawing suspicion, and / or causing them to starve to death. The villagers are attempting to discover the identity of the werewolf and kill off the werewolf player.

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A Brave New Dark World, Welcome to Constantine.


 Cynical, burnt out, subject of one to many electroshock treatments, ex-change smoker, double dealing master of the dark arts, ok he’s getting new cards printed so stick with him. Let’s face it, these are qualities that you’re not looking for in your hero. Especially when you need that hero to save your bacon from the hellfire.

Then again John Constantine isn’t your average hero.

Last Friday NBC opened up the door to the newest DC property to grace the small screen, John Constantine. With just a few well-placed strokes we are introduced to John’s world filled with double dealing shifty angels and blood thirty demons who are bent on revenge. Yeah, you get all that thrown against you at onetime you might become a change smoker too. The opening scenes of the show take place in an insane asylum located in London. Hold on tight it gets worse, in this dark place we’re introduced to John Constantine as he’s accepting his first round of electroshock therapy, warning it’s not a pretty sight.

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The Witcher 3 stone

Yennifer casts the Stone

Watch as one stone blows your mind.

The opening cinematic of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released on Youtube last week and wow, was I amazed. Unlike the last Ciri driven trailer, this jumps back and forth from Yennifer of Vengerberg’s flight from the Nilfgaardian and Geralt of Rivia with mentor Vesemir’s pursuit. The battle within comes after the end credits of the Witcher 2 where the Nilfgaard Empire invades the Kingdom of Temeria.

The Witcher 3 Yennefer 02

SOME SPOILERS AHEAD Continue reading


WE REVIEW IT ALL — Art: Bad Tattoos

How would I describe a bad tattoo to a person who was blind-from-birth?  First I would start by sticking my tongue out at them…they won’t see it, don’t worry.  Then I would tell them to think of the most horrible thing they have ever said…something horribly offensive and equally tasteless that they blurted out one night while drunk.  Now image someone recorded it and permanently attached speakers to your body so it is constantly being played and everyone around you can hear you say it.  Forever.

kid sticks out tongue

Tattoos are permanent so make sure you get something that is meaningful to you because it is going to be representative of you for the rest of your life.  Some people regret getting a sports team name tattooed on them…especially if that team changes names or moves cities.  Other people regret getting that face tattoo that seemed so cool when they were a scary football player in college, but now that they sell tupperware it doesn’t seem like the best idea.  And it might not be the best idea to tattoo the name of the person you have been dating for a week on to your neck.


Sure some tattoos are awesome.  and meaningful.  or just keep looking cool throughout the ages.  Some of the above may fall into this category as well, it all depends on the person who dawns the artwork.  But lets take a look at a few tattoos that might have been conjured up in a less than sober state…. Continue reading


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