Avengers 2: Age of Trailers

This evening, the geek gods smiled upon us and the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer leaked on to the great vastness of the internet.

It was a thing of beauty.

It is also being taken down as fast as possible, as many expected.

If you did miss it, you won’t have to wait much longer to see the “No Strings” trailer next week when it airs alongside the next episode of Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. on October 28th. Talk about a quick way to get a ratings boost!

UPDATE: It seems that Marvel and Disney have had a change of heart, and their official response to the leak was to say “fuck it” and release the trailer in all of its HD glory.




wtf wednesday1

WTF!? Wednesday: Cutting the Cord

When you think of the year 2015, one of the first things most geeks in their in their 20’s or beyond always think of is the images of a quaint little Hill Valley on a very particular October 21st.

This was the future we all came to expect. One filled with flying cars, hydrating pizzas that probably still taste like cardboard and the 19th time “Bruce” would exact his revenge on a little town called Amity.

Image from ScreenRant.com

Unfortunately for us we appear to be on a very different trajectory for our future, but one I am happy is finally coming to pass!

Roughly 6 years ago my household of friends all came to a joint decision to say goodbye to cable, and while that apartment is long behind me that decision has stuck firm. While the initial decision felt odd at first, I was realizing how much time was on my hands to play catch up on the thousands of movies I never had the chance to sit down and enjoy. This was also before we even joined the Netflix revolution, so you can imagine the cost of dvd purchases and rentals racking up. It probably would have been cheaper to stay subscribed…

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Justice League and Avengers--United

Spandex and Capes Solicitations Edition

IDW Publishing’s January 2015 Solicitations

IDW Publishing has released it’s solicitations – there be SPOILERS AHEAD!!! So be careful.  My opinions will come next Wednesday along with my opinions for Marvel’s, DC’s, and Valiant’s books for January.  In the meantime, enjoy! Continue reading

MC Pop Filter

CNP Episode 20: The Reduxening

chaotic neutral pod

Recorded on Saturday, October 18th, 2014.

In this extra special extra sleep deprived podcast we’re recording during our Extra Life play. Also we’re recording while playing Destiny so we’re kind of distracted.

As per usual you can find the episode by clicking on the logo or finding it in the podcast tab on the header.


Trailer Time

Trailer Time: “Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare”

As I stated in my first post for “Caffeine Crew,” I am not a gamer.  This is one sector of geekdom that I have never been able to fully get into nor do I think I ever will.  I enjoy watching people play video games, though, especially games like this one.  After a worldwide terrorist attack devastates many countries around the globe, it’s up to the private military group Atlas to fight the terrorists with the most “advanced” technology there is to get the world back on track.  It’s an interesting but scary concept that makes for what looks to be a great game.

It never ceases to amaze me how realistic games look today.  It’s breathtakingly awesome looking!  This game has been on my radar ever since I watched one of the first trailers that had actor Kevin Spacey motion captured into the role of Atlas head Jonathan Irons.  This is a role that looks to take after his “House of Cards” character, though maybe not as devious.  This first-person shooter looks really fun so if anyone is playing this after it’s released be sure to invite me over to watch.  Does this game interest you?  Comment below with your thoughts!  It’s Hump Day, that means one more “Trailer Time” is scheduled for Friday so make sure to keep it here!


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