AMV Roundup! Dragon Age 2- Forever Not Yours

Well, who knew A-Ha had other music aside from Take On Me? ; ) I mean, we all knew they had other stuff, but more specifically, who’s listened to it? This was actually a really cool song and an interesting concept for a video. It swaps romances, Fenris’ and Anders’ relationships with both the male and female Hawke. The only part that confused me at first was how similar the male Hawke looks to Carter. I have to say I LOVE the design for the Female Hawke, it’s one of my favorites so far. Regardless, they do a good job switching up clips and telling a unique story throughout the music video.

Hope you’re all enjoying Inquisition about now.

Small Business Saturday: The Games Keep

In a world of digital games, there is a sanctuary for analog gamers. This isn’t your big box, main stream Parker Brothers and Mattel only, retailer. This is The Games Keep.

This place is stocking 20-30 new board game titles per month. Are there even that many new board games each month? Yes. Yes, there are. Continue reading Small Business Saturday: The Games Keep

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 11/22/14

I went to see The Book of Life a few weeks ago, and while it was a visual masterpiece, it took me a day or two to really realize how much I liked it. I generally don’t review a movie until at least one day after seeing it, because I need to let it sink in. I never got around to writing the review, but I can say that my favorite character visually was definitely La Muerte. Seriously look at her.

Her gigantic candle hat, her flowers, her eyes, her hair, her makeup; she’s freaking awesome looking.

Absolutely stunning…

So when I found a cosplay of her, you know I had to post it even though The Day of the Dead is two weeks gone.


Trailer Time: “Minions”

Undoubtedly the most popular aspect of the “Despicable Me” films, the Minions are getting their own film!  The zany antics that everyone has come to love look to be intact, too.  From the trailer, it looks to follow the race from prehistoric times to the modern era, just before they meet Gru.  In modern times it will likely show Minions Kevin, Stewart, and Bob finding Gru.

While I’m not the biggest “Despicable Me” fan, I do appreciate the Minions and the humor that they brought to the films.  I honestly had no idea that a film specifically about them was in the works until I came across this trailer.  It looks like the creators have made a vast history for the Minions, something that I wasn’t expecting.  I definitely have high hopes for this film.  Do you like the Minions?  Do you think they deserve their own film?  “Trailer Time” continues next week!

AMV Roundup! Dragon Age- I Put A Spell on You

Sure, throw all my obsessions into a blender, why don’t you. Tim Curry+Dragon Age? Sheer awesomeness. (Actually, Tim Curry was involved in DA:O, as the voice of Arl Howe–How(e) about that? Har har.) This involves the Morrigan romance and the Warden being a bit of a whore earlier on. I think my favorite part of the video is the kid putting his hands over his face at the line “the way you’re always runnin’ round.” Hilarious. The song I Put a Spell on You couldn’t be more fitting though for Morrigan, since she’s incredibly witchy, overtop the fact that she’s a mage. And besides, if anyone would dabble in the Dark Arts, it’d be her. She’s a very sensual character, and combined with Tim Curry’s sensual voice, this is one sexy music video!

Holy christ, how many NPCs does the guy Warden get to romance? The female one didn’t get any of those options!

A Romp Through Dragon Age Inqusition: Part 2

As it stands, I’m ten hours in, and the Hinterlands still has a LOT left to be explored. I did finally go to Val Royeaux, however, it was a lot shorter of segment than I thought it would be.

The world is gigantic. Super gigantic. Completionist gamers, beware–the sheer number of quests you can get will make your eyes bleed if you try to do them all.

I do have a lot of the companions now. I made it a point to specifically seek them out.

Companion weigh in:

Solas- Kind of weird and meditative. Thinks the Spirits are his besties.

Vivienne- I don’t trust her for shit. She’s from Orlais and seems very manipulative.

Sera- Oh my god, I love this chick. If this was set in modern day, she’d totally be a chav. Her rambling is hilarious.

Blackwall- He looks like the poor man’s Duncan. I mean literally, Duncan had his lil earrings and was well groomed, whereas this guy looks like he emerged from a cabin in the woods.

Varric- Still amazing. Varric is so easygoing and loveable and that attitude carries straight over from DA2.

Iron Bull- Not like any qunari I’ve ever met. He jokes—JOKES!! I thought that wasn’t allowed in super serious qunari land.

Cassandra- I liked her immediately. She’s a hardass like Aveline, but without the guilt trips that Aveline would level on you in DA2.

Now, back to playing.


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