Nerdy Bartender’s Drink of the Week: The Bear and the Maiden Fair


What is dead may never die!

Weeks drink comes from a song from A.S.O.I.A.F. better known as Game of Thrones, a show most of you have defiantly never ever seen or heard of before.

The drink gets its name from its most important secondary ingredient: the honey.  

 There is an additional step to making honey addable to a cocktail that I’ll go into since if you don’t follow this step, you’re going to have a not so good time mixing this up. 

We’re probably all aware that If you’re dealing with a hot beverage like tea, the honey can go in and will dissolve with ease. But, because science reasons, cold beverages do not take well to honey in its standard form. You can add honey to a cocktail shaker and shake as hard as you’d like and not get the infusion to take hold. instead we need to maker honey syrup,

this just involves adding a little water to said honey and cooking it until the two are one. 


this takes seriously little to no time. 

once that’s done, pour into a bottle and refrigerate for future use. (syrup should keep for about 2 weeks)


Now we have everything we need for TBATMF. in addition to the syrup you’ll need:

2 oz dry gin

1 oz fresh red grapefruit juice (bottled works justifiably)

1 oz honey syrup

splash of Club soda or seltzer water 


To make, combine fresh juice (using a hand juicer makes this a lot easier) with the honey syrup and the gin and shake with a healthy amount of ice. 


To serve this one we want to double strain which means we get a drink not just ice free but also free of any residual pulp or seeds from the citrus element. 


Once this is done, just add a little club soda to give this light summer drink an even lighter feeling to it.

an optional addition is a few drops of lavender tincture which is easily made at home by even the laziest of peoples.Just combine sugar Everclear and dried lavender buds in a mason jar and shake daily for a month. 

Honey is one of my favorite drink ingredients and I was lucky to get my hands on some nation award winning stuff from the Savannah bee company earlier this summer. If you somehow doubt my Honey authority, feel free to consult my Honey guru/ Hive overlord for my credentials:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imw61jzdsXU

All will work for swarm!


AMV Roundup! Chrono Crusade- Jillian

There are some AMVs that stand out not just for caliber, but because they introduce you to new music. This was one such video. Not only did the AMV make Chrono Crusade look fascinating, but the dramatic clips from Chrono Crusade also enhanced the Within Temptation song. Timing=great, quality=great, and tone=great. Nothing better than finding the music choice truly reflect the style of the anime.

I blame this song and this AMV for my Within Temptation love affair.

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 7/23/14

Sometimes I wonder if I knew the definition of true beauty before I played FFVII or was I only preoccupied with shadows of what that word meant. Looking at pictures like this, I am so thankful that my eyes became unblinded prior to witnessing such sights. I wish I could say I was being hyperbolic, but my feelings towards FFVII are probably the most genuine thing you will ever experience on the internet.

This picture puts me in the mind of a pietà even though you can’t see the entire scene (or Seph is about to drink Cloud’s blood, which is still totally hot), and the two people playing them are nothing less than stunning. I’m not sure what I did to deserve more pictures, but I’m not in the business of shunning gifts nor denying myself the pleasure of their viewing.



Tattoo Tuesday #3: Robin!

Welcome back for Tattoo Tuesday (decided to take out the dorky part, I’ll post just about anything)!

This is a fellow caffeine crew member’s tattoo, Kat’s! It was based on Robin from the Teen Titans. The reason she decided to get this one is because it was the first DC comic that she read, during the Geoff Johns run where Tim Drake is the team leader.

“The specific art was Jo Chen’s version of Tim Drake and since Jo Chen is one of my favorite comic artists, I had to go with it!” – Kat

This tattoo was done by Doug at High Rollers in West Chester, PA (the same guy who did my first)! Next week will be one of her husband’s, Rob’s, tattoos! Look forward to it!

If you want yours featured on here, you can feel free to email it to TheCaffeineCrew@gmail.com. Just use the subject “Tattoo Tuesday.” If you would like to include a little description (or a big one, whatever makes you happy), I can include it with the piece as well!

Thanks for reading,


star trek

Wheres the Party? Aboard the USS Enterprise of Course.

Yet another wonderfully edited TOS Star Trek music video this time done to Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night. It gives you the warm and fuzzies while you’re watching it! And it definitely leaves you with a smile on your face afterwards. It tickled me pink to see my favorite crew members’ wild shenanigans and misadventures so hilariously (and accurately) celebrated. And of course, there was a small dose of fan service included for us who get a kick out of the Kirk/Spock love story. Pay close attention for Kirk’s epic “derp face” at 1:43. It’s fucking priceless. And lastly, Spock’s facial expressions and sexy Vulcan mannerisms are very enjoyable throughout the video. Then again, I am completely biased. He can Pon Fondle me anytime any day. ;)


WE REVIEW IT ALL: Traffic- Gawkers Delay


How would I describe a Gawkers delay to the people who cause them?  Probably by tying them to a chair and allowing a small child sing (off-key) “This is the song that never ends…” over and over while the child also smacks them in the face continuously for 12 hours… and then pees in their lap. This would provide them with approximately the same feeling of constraint, annoyance, and finally sad displeasure at the end.   Plus it would cover them in child piss, which is something they deserve.

For those of you that don’t know, a Gawkers Delay is a Philadelphia term for those HUGE traffic jams caused by Fuck-Tards who feel the need to slow their cars down to a crawl in order to see something that is happening on the other side of the road.   It makes sense because you don’t want to miss that fact that someone traveling in the opposite direction is changing their tire.


This also proves an interesting Concept: Billboards are made for people walking along the side of the road. The Gawkers Delay proves that drivers have the inability to comprehend something along side the road UNLESS they slow down to about 5 miles an hour to look at it. When you think about it, these Billboards are a deathtrap…one of these days a driver will notice these large things looming over the road and slam their car to a stop in order to see it. Heck, billboards require READING, and these spunk-gargling mini-dicks need to slow down just to see something by the road…being able to read and drive would have to be totally out of the question.

What makes these salted anal cuts even worse is when we finally realize our current traffic situation was caused by a Gawkers Delay. For miles and miles we have visualized the small lane of traffic squeezing by the over-turned mixer truck which is now seeping cement into the van filled with orphans which is smashed against the boulder that fell into the middle of the road. … But then you get there, and find out everyone needed to slow down to look at the small kid on the other side of the road peeing into the bushes. Hopefully there is a Gawker in those bushes, tied to chair, while the child screams “this is the song that never ends….”


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**photos from deuelfamily.com and virtualturist.com





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