AMV Roundup! Slayers- Inner Chaos

This is a really cool modern AMV of Slayers that makes it appear much more serious than the show really is. What I love though, is that the creator used a lot of the serious clips as well as the Eurofantasy setting to their advantage and really let the tone of the song dictate. There’s a lot of heavily experimental editing, but it works with the music, which has an electronic/futuristic vibe to it. All the fiery/flame filters really work for me, mostly because I love how destructive Lina is. The long running joke of the series is that when she arrives in a town, by the time she leaves, it’ll be decimated.

Gotta love Slayers.

Trailer Time: “Vice”

It really seems like the new craze as of late is the robot film, replacing the zombie films of yesteryear.  Directed by relatively unknown director Brian A. Miller, “Vice” stars a couple of well-known actors of this day and age:  Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane.  A shady company known as “Vice,” owned by Willis’ character Julian, is started to allow people to live scenarios that they’ve always wanted to do in a virtual and fake environment.  When one of the robots (played by Ambyr Childers) that this used to allow people to do so starts remembering and thinking for itself, she escapes and teams up with Jane’s character Roy to shut down “Vice” for good.

First off, this film looks okay.  I like the trailer and concept, but the execution just doesn’t seem right, which to me is a director problem.  One thing that bugs the living hell out of me is all the robots in films these days look alike!  Come on people, get original and stop copying off your predecessors!  It seems like forever since I’ve seen Thomas Jane in a theatrical film, so at the very least I’m excited for that.  What do you think?  Are robot films getting old already?  Are they a good replacement for zombie films?  Are robot films not being original anymore?  Let your thoughts be known in the comment section below!  “Trailer Time” returns next week!

AMV Roundup! Grave of the Fireflies- Man’s Road

So, I was actually looking for a different Grave of the Fireflies, one of more of the heartjerking, soul crushing variety, when this one stopped me in my tracks. It’s a commonly known fact that I have a huge obsession with the Last Unicorn–that WAS my childhood movie. And the song Man’s Road from it was all about how disgusting mankind is–how they’ve created this sickened place around us. Well, I couldn’t think of a more fitting song thematically to Grave of Fireflies, which is all about two kids dealing with the aftermath of the bombs. This is a gorgeous video and it’s made even more impactful by the awesome choice of songs.

Here’s your daily dosage of feels!

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 12/19/14

The White Witch from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe may not be the personification of winter we deserve (I prefer Elsa), but she certainly is the one we were looking for. Portrayed in the movie by Tilda Swinton, who is androgynous enough to play such characters as Gabriel in Constantine and the titular Orlando, the witch is a bit more complex than the film presents, motivated by the standard fantasy villain foundations of vengeance and dispossession.

Slightly obscure fact: the White Witch does have a name, but I don’t believe it’s ever mentioned in the first book. We don’t find out until the sixth installment, The Magician’s Nephew, that she is Jadis and her origins are mysterious and quite dark.

The cosplayer was kind enough to post a picture here of her side by side with Tilda’s portrayal so that we all may marvel and compare.

AMV Roundup! Neon Genesis Evangelion- Hallelujiah

Not sure if this was an AMV I’ve seen before or it’s just because of the song, but I got a major hit of nostalgia with this video. Beautiful song and the video correlated to the lyrics and the content really well. I loved the focus on the different characters, and how the clips just flowed beautifully to the sound of the music. There’s something amazing about how the sad, sweet song interplays with the sense of horror involved in most of the events of Evangelion. Even in the clips, they manage to elicit that feeling, and the sweetness of the music only intensifies it.


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 12/18/14

The cold winds are coming; the dark is rising; the white walkers stalk the night…

While we wait for The Winds of Winter (and have to be content with The World of Ice and Fire, grrrrr, thanks Troll Martin), we must not forget that the wintry-est apocalypse of all is fast approaching, and this cosplay is ridiculously amazing. The cold blue contact lenses are only the icing on the cake.



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