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How would I describe Cthulhu to a 1980’s D.A.R.E. representative?  With VISUAL AIDS!!!!!! (which is different than Magic Johnson AIDS)

This is your brain:


This is your brain on drugs:

egg on drugs

This is your brain after seeing Cthulhu.

cthulu egg


If you have been in, around, next to, or vaguely noticed things in today’s nerd culture…you have probably seen Cthulhu.  But what is it?  No, it isn’t an acronym for Cuddly Tiny Humans Usually Hump Uncontrollably… Cthulhu is the name of one of the Elder Gods as shared by legendary writer H.P. Lovecraft.  A writer who was known for creepy short stories with an underlying (or blatant) statement about there being more to the world than we are aware of.  Lovecraft was a master of telling a story where the evil was comparable to a shoe sticking out from behind a curtain– creepy and small, but when you think about what it alludes to: Scary as balls (ask a lesbian, they can be quite scary).



Lovecraft has permeated our culture in television (True Detective), Books (Steven King’s “The Mist” and “Crouch End”), even boardgames (Eldrich Horror, and Elder Sign).  This theme of a “multiverse” and the unseen horrors that are separated from us by a thin eggshell have been adapted by so many storytellers in our time.  If you dare, try the classic “The Call of Cthulhu”…and attempt to not be drawn into insanity.

Cthulhu is an elder god that will cause further and further insanity the more you learn about him.  He is a creature that we can not accurately describe to you because your brain is not able to comprehend, and just the sight of him might drive you insane.  He is a horrible creature that does not care about you, as you are an insignificant little speck of nothingness compared to him…and if you are foolish enough to stumble upon him or worse: search him out, it will lead to your utter demise.  and yet, people still feel he would be a better candidate than our current president.



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AMV Roundup! Tenchi Muyo- Duel of the Fates

Well, this is a mashup that I never considered before, but should have. The way this AMV syncs up Duel of the Fates (which I immediately started humming the second the first notes began) with Tenchi is stunning–especially the choice to use the battle amidst snowfall. I don’t know why I never connected the two before…it seems glaringly obvious since Tenchi and Gramps pretty much wield LIGHTSABERS. But yeah, enjoy.

No Need For a Duel!


Diablo III – Season 1 (August 29, 2014)

“Guys.  Guys!  GUYS!?  This is amazing.  No.  No.  No!  NO!  Guys.  Guys.  Guys.  Come on.  Come on.  Guys.  No.  Stop.  Guys?!” - Every time I try to convince someone to play Diablo III.

Hardcore Seasons.

This here is what I have wanted for years.  Since the announcement of Diablo III, this is what I have wanted.  Then, since the release of Diablo III, this is what I have wanted.  A wild majority of people I have talked to feel that Diablo III is a colossal failure in ways that I can’t help but protest.  With their time, energy, and literally stopping playing, any arguments I  make, and any arguments they make mean nothing compared to the facts.   They aren’t playing.  I’m not playing.  I have re-tried to play Diablo III about 5-6 times.  I am going to try to play again.

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