Song of the Day – Epic Soundtrack

Hey people, its finally Friday! Here’s a little something to give you that extra boost wherever you are: Strength of a Thousand Men by Two Steps from Hell. Even if you aren’t working today, I still expect you to tune in! All of the epicness is here for our Friday Song of the Day. Already my day has been transformed from mundane to one worthy of legend (I’m finishing an assessment report like a god). Post in the comments below your own epic moment courtesy of Two Steps from Hell.

AMV Roundup! Rurouni Kenshin- Blow me Away

This AMV covers some of my favorite fights in Kenshin and the song keeps up the quick pace of them. Really, anything from the Shishio arc makes me ridiculously happy. That arc had some of the most emotionally intense fights (*cough* Aoshi *cough*) and would be the turning point not only to a battle, but to a character’s mental state. I don’t know if it was the sweeping OST, the well developed characters or the GORGEOUS swordfights, but Kenshin always makes me majorly nostalgic.

Oh and the killer openings and endings, i.e. Heart of Sword

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 4/17/14

Who could forget Jessica Rabbit, Roger’s er, busty, wife from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The dimensions of her body were more impossible than a Barbie doll so I’m also impressed by any cosplay that pulls her off. Clearly no one is going to have a waist like a bumblebee, so it’s nice to see what she might actually look like as a real person.


Song of the Day – Carry On/Questions: CSN&Y

You youngins’ out there may or may not know who these guys are. If you don’t, get out there and educate yourselves. Stat. If you do, and you’re anything like my family (us kids were born in the late 80′s and early 90′s) and were RAISED on classic gold such as this, then I’ve just given you a virtual high five. Couldn’t see it or feel it, but it was there. BAM! *epic bonding moment*

So turn up the volume or strap on your headsets (like me!) and get your groove on.

Movies You Might Have Missed: Strings 2004

I finally put down Borderlands 2… only to pick up Lego: LOTR. But only for a short time. I’m going to try to post every week or hopefully twice a week if my schedule and money allows. I’m sorry to say that Caffeine Crew Art won’t be as frequent, but when I have it I’ll post it. Ok on to the movie.

The young and future Emperor Hal Tara(James McAvoy, X-Men: First Class, Wanted) seeks vengeance for his father’s death. With the advice of his uncle, he sets out beyond the his kingdom leaving his sister behind, in search of their sworn enemy, the Zeriths. Little does Hal know that his uncle Nezo (Derek Jacobi, The King’s Speech) “pulls the strings” of deceit.

The strength of Anders Rønnow Klarlund’s 2004 Strings is not the basic fantasy story, but the world within which the marionettes inhabit. Every puppet knows that they have strings attached to them and all structures has been created with this in mind. Homes are roofless, the city gate slides up to bar entry. Strings pepper the sky. Even the prison, one of the most moving scenes, is an open room with a grid ceiling. You can see each other, but you can never touch each other.

The simple fact that they know they are marionettes brings a darker tone to a movie about puppets. Knowing that if you cut the string off one’s arm, you lose the arm. Loss a head string and loss you life. To heal the warriors and the rich, they stockpile the poor for new parts. The age and power of each character is represented with their wooden bodies. Hal starts gold, but paints himself oak to blend in. Ghrak, the evil general, has deep cuts and split wood. Death itself is more dramatic as strings fall from the sky. But with all visions of death, it is beautiful to see the birth of a child. I wouldn’t spoil it for you.

If you think this is as campy as Team American, I sorry there is no gratuitous puppet sex. Strings at it’s heart is a Shakespearean tragedy. A story of love, war and the strings that connect us all. I have to thank the library for letting me watch this again.

Have you seen Strings? What other movies with marionettes should I watch? Shave those comments below.

AMV Roundup! Final Fantasy Advent Children-Du Hast

What?! This is just too badass. The editing’s great and showcases the sleek action of Advent Children in the best possible way: angry German music. The timing’s absolutely perfect and I love all the cuts and eye closeups. Everything’s fast in this, the song, the action, the editing and I absolutely love it. You won’t even believe how quick it goes by! And again….angry German with Final Fantasy….so perfect.



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