The lead singer is awesome and shy and loves my favorite band, Self. I met him on the Self message board when I *had* to know who opened for msi. He said something like “oh, I am happy you liked us.” and that was that. No fanfare. No bragging. Also, he is wicked smart. Lots of their songs are about astrophysics (he has a degree in it.)

One day I will go bowling with him, when I finally make it to Chicago.

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WTF!? Wednesdsay: Guardians of the Galaxy Reviewed

First off, sorry for the delay.

Secondly, you may be wondering why I am reviewing Guardians of the Galaxy as part of my weekly series of rants. In all honesty I felt it was the best place to do this, as after I walked out of the premiere I never expected these “C” and “D” list comic characters could make me smile so much. It was a true “WTF!?” moment.

Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) is as action packed as the Avengers, is as tightly edited as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and knocks it out of the park as a comedy.


If you have seen a Marvel movie in the last few years, you already know what you are in store for as far as plot is concerned as this is your typical story about a evil overlord wanting to go smashy-smashy all over the universe to essential become the next ruler of all. You expect large set pieces, and explosions galore. GotG delivers all of these things, but thankfully never shoves them down your throat as the characters are clearly the focal point from start to finish. It also does a very nice job of tying itself in to the Marvel cinematic universe, but even without the inclusion it can happily stand on its own. This is what makes this a memorable and magical experience.

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WE REVIEW IT ALL: Movies- Guardians of the Galaxy

How would I describe Guardians of the Galaxy to the voting committee of the Oscars?  As movie of the fucking year!  Will they listen?  No, probably not because they seem to forget that the purpose of a “movie” is to entertain…and for some reason they feel that Comedies, Action, and basically “Fun” movies can’t possibly be “great”.  But then again, these are the same people would would rank the Ferris Wheel as the “best ride at an amusement park” due to it’s lovely scenery…while completely ignoring the Rollercoaster for any kind of consideration.  So the question is:  What would you rather ride when you go out to have fun– a Ferris Wheel… or a Rollercoaster!!!


A simple plot that stays vibrant and fun the whole way through…filling 2 hours with amaze balls entertainment without over feeling stretched out or stretched thin (insert your own “vagina after birth” joke here).  The hold this movie keeps over you is in large part due to the amazingly well written characters– each of which has their own personality that feels distinct, natural, 3-dimensional, and highly entertaining the whole way through.  I expected some humor going into this, but I did not expect to actually laugh out loud…especially not as often as I did!  The action scenes were engaging and enthralling, while the dialogue was incredibly well crafted for each character.  Odd as it is to say:  Even the character whose only line is “I am Groot!” managed to have some great creative quips…you’ll have to watch to understand– No spoilers here!


I see about 20 movie premieres a year and my friends often look to me and ask how the film was.  My answer is almost always the same: “It was ok…but it isn’t worth the money.”  Maybe once or twice a year they will hear this answer:  “It is worth the money, you should go see it.”  Guardians of the Galaxy IS abso-fucking-lutely worth the money!!!  Go see this movie!!!!  …unless, of course, you would rather ride the Ferris Wheel– in which case I’m sure Jersey Boys is still contaminating a theater somewhere.

***Let us also not forget about Karen Gillan in spandex.  Even blue, bald, black-eyed, and evil… this girl still looks damn good!  She can have my blue little babies anytime!


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Tiny Bull, Tea Party, and a Flying Whale

For the previous MS Paint adventure click here.

It was decided, weeks ago, that the Caffeine Crew logo and font would be white and coffee cup brown.  It was suggested that the logo needed more purple and rainbows, and probably unicorns.  I agreed completely.  Popular vote also agreed.  But, as politics go, we have to look, “professional, and not like Lisa Frank.”  -No one actually said this.

At our most recent live meeting, one of our writers donned a ladybug pillow helmet.  It was agreed that this made him look vaguely like a matador.  Little did he know, there was a tiny bull waiting to do battle.  In the background, some rejected Logo posters were over-sized printed out and posted prominently as propaganda for the Lisa Frank faction.

Note: These images are larger than last time, and may be expanded.

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