AMV Roundup! Azumanga Daioh-The Wizard of Ozaka

I remember this coming on one year at the Otakon AMV contest and I distinctly remember laughing my ass off the entire time. So of course, I had to share it with you all. I love the JRPG format of it all and the way that they equate Osaka with Dorothy and managed to construct the Wizard of Oz out of such a ridiculous show. I definitely giggled at the “Aeris’ Grave *spoiler*” bit, and the “Dealer’s Hall.” The creators definitely knew who they were pandering to.

If you want a laugh, you should definitely tune in.

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CNP Episode 19: Audio Roschach Test

chaotic neutral pod

Recorded on Sunday September 28th, 2014

I’m pretty sure the title of this very special Episode 19 Season 2 Episode 2 episode speaks for itself.  Of course we have to open with Destiny but from there it was anybody’s guess.  If you’re feeling down and want to feel better about yourself listen to us because we’re terrible human beings.

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WE REVIEW IT ALL– People: Sorrority girls

How would I describe a sorority girl to someone who never went to college?  google image search “hot party girl”.  Then google image search “ugly girl no makeup”.  Then google image search Venereal Disease.  You have now just experienced a sorority party, the morning after a sorority party, and a week after a sorority party.

before after
The next morning       The night before

Now in all fairness, not all sorrostitutes fall into this category…I do know quite a few girls who were in sororities that are actually very nice (and clean) girls.  BUT, a stereotype is usually there for a reason and many of the greek goddesses (while wearing make-up, in dark lighting, and you are drunk) do fall into the stereotype.  Part of the reason I am still disease free today could stem from avoiding one-night-stands in college and dating  girls who did the same.


But lets look at the pros and cons of the “traditional” sorority girl and make an assessment–


Most Sorrority girls are very outgoing!  Totally willing to talk to you as long as you fit into the mold that they deem to be “correct”…often times this means having greek letters on your shirt.  Traditional Sorrority Girls are also incredibly vial.  It is because of Sorrority Girls that I now know females are just as un-offended and willing to make horrible comments as men are…girls just tend to hide it (if they aren’t in a sorority).  Yes, this is a plus…I like women who are not going to yell at me for making a joke about something.  They are often very attractive– This is partially due to the sisterhood of sharing make-up secrets with each other.  And, if those video’s I have seen on the internet are any indication…they are very good in bed.


The traditional Sorrority girl is more catty than a female feline named Katherine ( a cat named Kat with a pussy…with is another word for cat.  Come on, people, stay with me here).  Bitchy comments and backstabbing are a way of life for this breed.  You also don’t know what you really just slept with until she gets back from the the shower…Don’t call the police, it isn’t an intruder, it is just the girl you REALLY were in bed with last night.  I am all for a surprise and I like those “?” dumdum lollipops…but not when it comes to a sexual partner.    Which brings us to the most dangerous negative aspect of all…. no, not VD’s, I get the feeling they are prevalent in way more social circles than the Greek Hypocrisy.  I am talking about Dum-dums.  Dear lord, some of these girls are stupid.  Granted, many of them get decent grades (especially if the professor is a single male), but trying to hold a conversation with them about anything outside the realm of what the E! news channel is reporting on can be catastrophic…. Quantum Physics is not a physical education class in the country of Quantum.  there is no country called Quantum!  …my head hurts…


Once again, the disclaimer– I know many girls who were in sororities that are awesome amazing people.  Girls that are beautiful (even after a shower), fun, sweet, intelligent, and funny.  This article is not about them.  It is about the Sorrority Girl masses.  So in the end, I have to give Sorrority girls a 2 out of 5.  What?  they are still fun to look at and watching/talking to them has provided many entertaining stories.



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AMV Roundup! Various Animes- With Me

This is a really sweet AMV that encompasses a lot of different animes. Gorgeously edited, and it definitely tugs at the heartstrings. I had never heard the Sum41 song before, but I really dug it, especially in the context of the AMV. They use quick clips from Ai Yori Aoshi, 3×3 Eyes, Escaflowne, Ah My Goddess…and the list continues. All of those animes have very powerful relationships though, so the choices were definitely good ones.

Love the crescendo.


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