Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 2/1/14

The month of February is upon us, and with it comes the holiday everyone has an opinion about right smack dab in the middle (wow, it really is in the middle, isn’t it? I actually just thought about that). Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day has given me the inspiration to showcase couple cosplays for this month. Now every day may not be one, nor will all of the couples be…conventional, but they will all be amazing and carry the awesome torch all throughout this last full month of winter.

Today’s is a pairing to make some of you OTPers weep with joy: Zack and Aeris from FFVII. They were an actual in game couple and, well, they’re both dead, so it’s possible that they still are together in fictional, fantasy head canon. Theirs is not my favorite pairing, but my heart would be dust if I didn’t find this one moving and beautiful in the light.


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